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Below, you'll find the answer to the questions we get asked the most about Off-The-Peg, Wedding dresses and sizing from our brides to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

I only have a few weeks/months until my wedding, can you help me find my dress?

Of course! We stock many gorgeous sample gowns that can all be taken away on the day. So even if you only have a few weeks, don't panic! You will take away your dream dress that day.

What is a sample dress?

A sample dress is one that has previously been tried on in the boutique. It is an ‘off the peg’ dress that we only have one of available. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. We offer a dry cleaning service for our dresses should you wish to have your dress cleaned.

Do you only stock sample dresses?

A small selection of our dresses can still be ordered new for full price as long as they haven’t been discontinued. Please get in touch with us before booking if you are not looking to buy a sample and we can advise.

What sizes are your samples in-store?

We currently stock samples ranging from size 6 – 22 (see our dresses tab where each dress states which size we have available) These can be altered by a seamstress and can usually go up/down by a size or two. (depending on each dress). As our sample collection constantly varies with dresses selling fast, the sizes that we stock will vary over time. Bridal sizes tend to be on the small side so don’t be put off if you have to go up a size or 2 compared to what you would normally wear.

What prices are your dresses?

Most dresses at OTP are around £999, all gowns in our store at under £1500, depending on the dress and designer. We do have some less than this, and some just above. All prices are available to view for each particular dress on our dresses section.

Do I have to have an appointment to try dresses on?

Yes an appointment is necessary for you to come to the boutique. This is always best so we can ensure we have a gorgeous fitting room available for you and your guests.

How many people can I bring with me?

Our fitting rooms can seat up to a maximum of 3 guests. We also always advise this as a maximum as well as sometimes it can feel daunting, and overwhelming so those who’s opinions matter most to you we want with you! Keep it a secret from everyone else – makes it so much more special on your wedding morning!

What underwear do I need to wear?

We recommend nude seam-free knickers and a nude strapless bra where possible. This just gives you a better feel for what your dress will look like. Don’t worry if not, most of the dresses are structured enough to go bra-less. Please do wear knickers though!

How many dresses will I get to try on and how long will my appointment be?

We usually advise you to select 3 or 4 dresses which you’d like to try, and then throughout the appointment we will get a feel of what you are/not liking and we can pull some more out for you! Sometimes the ones we pull out are not what you’d go for but are often the ones brides go for! Have faith in us. But also have faith in yourself deep down you will have an idea of what you want so go with that. Your appointment will last for around 1 hour 30 mins

How do I pay for the dress?

We require payment in full, we now also accept Klarna
payments in-store and online, if you buy instore we require you to take your gown away with you.

Are alterations included in the price of the dress?

Our dress prices are just for the dress. Every dress needs to be tailored to each bride meaning each dress will need a different amount of work. We don’t include alterations in the price as you only pay for the amount of work which has been done on your dress and we can price the dresses at their lowest price for you.

What happens with my fittings?

We have some recommended seamstresses who we use, and we will give you their details when you purchase your dress. You can then book in with them and take your dress to them, at a time convenient to you. The seamstresses are freelance and will require you to pay them once the alterations have been completed.

We advise you to have your first fitting 7/8 weeks before your wedding. But your chosen seamstress will advise you on this.

What is the difference between OTP and Dotty and should I come to both?

Dotty is our sister boutique – we are the outlet to them. So all of our gowns are £1,500 and under, and they have gowns ranging from £1,500 and above. We are similar in the sense you get the same service, but the overall concept is different. If you know you want a gown that is brand new and your budget exceeds £1,500 head to Dotty for the never ending bridal experience. If Budget is key for you and you aren’t wanting to spend over £1,500, then head to OTP where you can pick up your beautiful gown and take her home the same day! We also cater for brides who have short lead times.

How do I return a dress?

If the item is unsuitable and you would like to return to us, this has to be done within 14 days of receiving the item, in its original packaging and with its security badge (tag) attached. Please follow the instructions on the returns portal. 

Will the dress fit me perfectly when I buy online?

All bridal gowns need alterations to fit you to perfection. The length will need altering to compliment your heel height and bust cups to give support and shape, plus lots of other adjustments. All designer bridal gowns have unique measurements, so refer to each product for more details and advice on sizing before completing your online purchase. If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I return bridal accessories?

Unfortunately, as all bridal accessories are made to order, we are unable to offer refunds, exchanges or credit notes.