Online Buying Guide

Discover the convenience and charm of buying your dream gown online, and let us guide you through the seamless process from purchase to post-wedding preservation.

Off-The-PegTrying on your new dress

Dear Bride to be,
Thank you for choosing to visit our online boutique.

In this OTP video, we'll guide you on what to do after purchasing your wedding dress from Our expert advice will cover various aspects, including what to anticipate, tips for mental preparation, and step-by-step instructions on how to properly try on the dress using our fitting clips. We'll also provide valuable insights on making necessary adjustments for the perfect fit before taking it to your trusted seamstress for any required alterations.


Before you buy

we recommend following our tips

Tip 01.Measure correctly

All wedding dresses fit differently so before you buy your dream wedding dress check the measurements against your dress size before buying, your normal dress size will be different to a wedding dress, all our dress can be altered up or down by one size.

To find out more on how to measure yourself view our size guide.


Tip 02.Beautifully Packed

Your beautiful wedding dress will arrive provisionally box with all the relevant paper work, returns information, clamps, hanger and gown bag

When your package arrives

how to get mentally prepared for trying on your dream dress

Tip 03.with a little help

When your dress arrives you may need a little help from a friend, getting in and out of your dress, we recommend trying it on in a light room with plenty of space


Tip 04.Mentally prepare

We recommend doing your self up as you would on a bridal visit so you feel positive and mentally prepared, this is not a dress from ASOS!

Tip 05.Too Big, Too Small

Our dresses come with clamps to help you find the perfect fit, if the dress size is too big or small this dose not necessarily mean it is not suitable, dressers can be let out one size bigger or taken in a couple sizes smaller, don't be put off by straps begin too lose or the bust area been too big, these can all be altered by your semesters, even a dress that zips up perfectly may need minor adjustments with length.


Saving you hundreds of pounds

Finding your perfect wedding dress could not be any easier, saving you hundreds of pounds from the comfort of your own home.