Kit real bride

‘My dream designer gown was off the shelf, cost just £299, looks amazing and fits like a glove’

Bride-to-be Kit Wolverson said it was “meant to be” that she got her dress from an
Off-The-Peg flash sale, after initially seeing it on social media.
Kit, 30, who works as a bridge engineer, was not planning to go wedding dress
shopping yet, as her nuptials to partner Paddy Hylands, 30, are not until April 2025.
However, she believes it was fate that she ended up with her “dream” dress after
seeing it featured on Off-The-Peg’s Instagram account.
She travelled from her home in Manchester and ended up with her longed-for dress that she’d seen online and paid an “unbelievably ridiculous” £299 for it.
She bagged the incredible bargain in Off-The-Peg’s huge flash sale earlier this
month, which returns again on Saturday June 29, where all the designer gowns are between £299 and £699 – offering savings of thousands of pounds.
Kit, who also got the matching veil for just £30 in the sale, said it was “a sign” that
she was meant to get the dress, after spotting in on social media just days before the sale and hastily making plans to attend.
She said: “I saw there was a sale that weekend, so I rang my sister in London to see if she was free and she came down by train to Manchester. I drove us the hour to get to Holmfirth. I am a size 18, and bridalwear is known to be quite small, often catering for sizes 8-10, so when I saw Off-The-Peg and Dotty Bridal, and saw their ‘Empowerment’ body campaign and body positive approach, I knew they were what I needed.
“I saw there was a sale coming up and although I had originally planned to go later in the year with my whole bridal party, I knew there was a dress in the sale by the designer I loved, and it was my dream dress. I knew it was a sign.”
Kit booked an appointment and said she was nervous to try on her desired dress in case she was left “deflated” if it wasn’t right, so she tried another dress first.
However, she wasn’t disappointed.
She said: “When I put ‘THE’ dress on, everything just hit perfectly. The blush
undertone suited my skin colour, it was floral and floaty and whimsical, which
matches my venue which has bluebells and wisteria. It felt really nice against my
skin, I had a sense of pure joy wearing it.”
Kit added: “Everyone in the boutique was so welcoming and nothing was too much trouble. No-one can believe how much I paid, but I do love a bargain!”


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